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The V-Way of Learning.

Back to School

By Caio Barbosa on 30/01/2018 in High School, Junior School, Kids School, Middle School

Our students went back to school, so we prepared different activities for each new school stage, making everyone feel caring, comfortable and, above all, safe.
The Middles began the day with an activity in which all the rooms gathered in groups to create creative and effective solutions to the daily challenges of the college. They also attended a class with coordinator Luana on the standards and conduct to be followed during the year.
The Juniors also attended a class with coordinators Carol and Valeria about the Golden Rules, rules of good conduct. The Junior I was presented to all of Junior’s classes and they were very well received.
In addition, the Junior I class was explained to the Buddies project, in which Junior II will help them in the school adaptation for a week.
The kids’ group did activities to adapt with their new teachers. By the way, we have really cuuuuute new students! 😍
High has remained focused since day one, as it will be another year of intense focus on ENEM and on the college entrance exams, but they have also been able to enjoy and play a volleyball game in physical education class.
We had a full week with lots of fun and education.

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