The V-Way of Learning.

The brand, the concept.

The animals’ wisdom has a lot to teach us.

By flying in a “V” formation, Canadian geese (Branta canadensis) can fly at least 70% more than they could if each fowl flew on its own.

As each fowl flaps its wings, it creates an aerodynamic uplifting for the next training fowl. Such simple and natural fowl gestures have taught us that sharing a common direction along with a team sense allow us to reach our destiny faster and easier once the effort is based on collective reliability. In a “V” training, when a fowl falls out of formation, it suddenly feels the struggle and resistance of flying alone. Immediately it returns to its original formation and realizes the advantages of the strength the front fowl upholds.

When the leader goose gets tired, it automatically rotates positioning itself in the last place of formation. Such position allows flying with less effort, while the second fowl assumes the tip, and so on. It is more advantageous to take turns when a hard work needs to be done. The group has strength, power, and safety when flying in the same direction, sharing a common goal. If a fowl gets sick or is wounded leaving the group, two other geese fall out of formation following it in order to help its protection.

They will follow up to the problem solution and will only restart their journey joining another formation once they find their original group. Also, we have learnt that sympathy is indispensable in any situation. It was up to us to absorb these lessons to increasingly improve our teaching model. The geese “V” formation and their way always awakened our curiosity. Therefore, we realized that the “V” fly has a lot of synergy with our educational and teaching points of view. We did not hesitate: the “V” way of teaching represents our philosophy.

Finally, in honor of the animals that have taught us about fellowship and team work, we named this new institute as Branta: the scientific name of the Canadian Goose. The fowl that gets better performance flying in “V”.


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