The V-Way of Learning.

Our priority is to develop the full potential of your children.

The V- Way of Learning.

We provide the opportunities that they need to improve academically as well as in sports and arts. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills with integrity, honesty and citizenship.


Full and pleasant immersion in the English language is organized for our students, using films, music, games, and games based on their real experiences and interests. They are able to understand the context language in a very short time, and they feel comfortable to express themselves using the target language.

Analysis of individual needs

The teaching of basic subjects such as math and language promotes an individual needs analysis considering each student as a unique human being. We challenge each student in various ways to achieve goals through their various types of intelligence.

The minimum levels are required 

Although support is offered to parents teachers and students when needed. During this process of teaching and learning that encourage students to feel confident, but challenged. Music, Art, Drama and meet the needs of self-expressional students. Science classes are rich and experimentation prepares students for advanced studies.

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