BABY - That moment when parents have to leave their child at school for the first time is not easy. Most parents feel insecure for not knowing if their child will be well cared for, but we can assure you, that here, at Branta Institute, we are prepared to take care of your child. Branta Institute provides a warm, nurturing, and loving bilingual environment that focuses on the whole child. We believe children learn by doing, by exploring, and through hands-on experience. Our program provides the kind of variety and stimulation children need in areas such as Language, Math, Science, Art, Music, Drama, and motor skills. We promote the children’s autonomy but we also know that love and care are very important for their development.

Baby I: 1 to 3 years old (It’s important that your child walks on his/her own to start school)

KIDS - At Branta Institute, our students are key players in the learning process. We not only stimulate them to receive information but also to build their own concepts. We promote a warm and sensitive bilingual environment that helps children to interact with others in a way they can develop a secure and a positive self-image. Children who see themselves as valued are more likely to feel secure, thrive physically, get along with others, learn well, and feel part of a community.

Projects/ Material used in class: all the projects are based on concepts/themes appropriated for the children’s age. One of the most important jobs our teachers have is to create situations where our students can observe, make decisions, and solve problems. The power of imagination is widely promoted during the projects, inside and outside the classroom. We believe that children who are creative and happy are more likely to develop their best qualities.

Kids I: 4 to 5 years old

Kids II: 5 to 6 years old



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