Middle I, II, III and IV.

At the Branta Institute, the Middle school program, emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and strong study skills in a bilingual environment. We encourage our students to become citizens who give priority to the concepts of sustainability, cultural and ethical diversity and citizenship. Our program is based on the Brazilian curriculum with an addition of a bilingual program that offers Language, Science, and Math classes. Middle III and Middle IV students also have French classes, once their English skills are well developed by that time. There is a tutorial program daily which is delivered by the counselor of each group. It is a time where students can share their feelings, solve problems, and talk about subjects they are interested in. Some of these interest areas can become projects that are studied deeply and presented to the school community in our annual Knowledge Fair.

Cambridge Exams: our students have the option to do the Cambridge Exams from Junior III to High III. The Cambridge Exams are internationally recognized by leading institutions of higher learning and businesses. The results do not interfere with the school report marks. The goal of this assessment is to provide our students with a further opportunity for success and growth.


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